the troupe

Monty Py-Thong is an all-female comedy troupe that performs Monty Python sketch parodies on a live stage. Started in November 2005, the show has grown and evolved with new troupe members, new sketches, and new sell-out audiences. An all-female cast adds a unique perspective and humor to the already hillarious Monty Python sketches

The show was first cast in November of 2005. The following March 2006, Monty Py-Thong opened at The Next Stage Theatre in Hollywood, CA to mostly sellout crowds. By the end of the first run, Monty Py-Thong was the most successful production ever at the theatre. The show was extended, followed by a hiatus. By September, the production began its second run. It too was extended, this time at the Tres Stage Theatre. In October, the show was requested at the Westside Eclectic Theatre in Santa Monica, CA. After another hiatus, the show opened yet again at the Next Stage Theatre in February 2007.

A stable of actors act as the main troupe for the shows, and different guest actors join in each run. The show continues to evolve and grow, as the cast continually changes and new sketches are brought to the stage.