Monty PyThong is an all-female troupe performing classic Monty Python and original sketches for the stage. A stable of actors act as the main troupe for the show, and different guest actors join in each run. The show continues to evolve and grow, as the cast continually changes and new sketches are brought to the show!

Performance Dates: November 9, 2013 @ 8pm.

Where: The Next Stage Theater


  1. Once purchased, there are no refunds for any reason.
  2. The show will be located at The Next Stage Theater, 1523 North La Brea Avenue, 2nd Floor, Hollywood CA
  3. Any pre-purchased tickets will be held for you at the box office. Please bring a copy of the email that PayPal sends you for confirmation.
  4. Any pre-purchased tickets will be held until 8:05pm on the night of the show. If you do not show by 8:05 PM, your seats may be forfeit. (We really want you to come!!)

Tickets are $10 in advance, or $15 at the door.

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The Next Stage Theater
1523 North La Brea Avenue, 2nd Floor
Hollywood, CA